Multi Year Ice in the Arctic is Nearly Gone


Peter Wadhams explains in a video from Nick Breeze that multi year ice is nearly gone in the Arctic ocean. This video is from Jan. 2015. 

An extraordinary animation of the loss of multi year ice is embedded.

multi year ice in the arctic

Image from an animation produced by NOAA

Peter Wadhams:

  • 40 years ago nearly all ice in the Arctic was multi-year
  • ice was heavy, it was really formidable stuff
  • that's gone
  • the one year ice is much thinner, much weaker, much more mobile, it's a different substance

The 21th episode of the FasterThanExpected podcast is about Arctic sea ice volume.

Paul Beckwith:

Arctic Sea Ice has been pulverized, hacked to pieces, smashed to smithereens; you can use whatever phrase you want. With a week or two left in the 2016 melt season, and another storm in the long range forecast, all bets are off.

Paul Beckwith explains in this video of Sept. 2016 how the next storm could push the rest of crushed ice out of the Arctic.

With these informations about sea-ice extent and volume, that Arctic sea-ice is a different stuff and a storm could push the ice over the edge, it is easy to imagine, that each of the next summers could bring us a blue ocean event in the Arctic.


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