Zencastr is the Best Tool for Podcaster

I will show you how to record podcast episodes with the web tool Zencastr as a host or as a guest. Zencastr is working with a current version of Firefox and Chrome. A limited version is available for free. The best feature of Zencastr is, that for each participant of the session there is a separate track recorded on her/his computer. So the sound isn’t disturbed by the connection.

Skype Alternative Jitsi Meet

How to connect via Jitsi Meet for a video chat? I will show you what you have to do as a host or as a guest.

Jitsi Meet is based on the opensource software Jitsi from It can be used for teleconferences, video chats, presentations and others. The number of participants is not limited. There is no need to log in and it’s free to use. The meetings can be protected by a password.

SAG 007 ~ Melting Arctic, Gulf Stream and Severe Weather - Part 2


Paul Beckwith is one of the leading experts in abrupt climate change. In the first part of this interview we have been talking about the fast changes in the Arctic that lead to climate chaos and even to changes of ocean currents.

Part 2 is about weather extremes in Western Europe, BIG numbers, global emergency and dealing with this dire situation emotionally.