FTE16 ~ Living and Dying in India ~ 24-Aug-2017

My guest in this 16th episode is Jürgen Hornschuh. We are talking about living and dying in times of abrupt climate change from the perspective of India.

Since some years Jürgen is living in India in the small town Auroville. There he is working as a farmer and librarian. He loves books and so he had voluntarily translated some books into German during his holidays, some thick books, for example: from Charles Eisenstein and some novels. We got to know each other, as he asked me to look through the text of a translation project in the field of abrupt climate change.

Jürgen and Goat

For Jürgen Auroville is an experiment with ways of life. He is working as a farmer to have to do with the basic needs and with relationships with animals and people. Now – 25 years after he has studied librarianship – he is also working in the library of Auroville.

While he is a radical thinker – in the meaning of digging to the root – this is a infinitely deep and never ending story. Guy McPherson with his work about abrupt climate change leading to near-term human extinction rang a bell, because he has already realized, that our way of life can not last, it’s unsurvivable.




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