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SAG 007 ~ Melting Arctic, Gulf Stream and Severe Weather - Part 1

Paul Beckwith is one of the leading experts in abrupt climate change. In my view he is a genius at explaining very complex issues in an understandable way. Very fast changes in the Arctic lead to climate chaos and even to changes of ocean currents. What are the consequences for weather patterns in Western Europe?

Part 1 about the habitual way of thinking, introduction into abrupt climate change and changes of the Gulf Stream.


>> Part 2


Paul Beckwith

Paul Beckwith introduces himself:

I am a part time professor in the Laboratory for Paleoclimatology in the Geography Department at the University of Ottawa. I have taught many courses including climatology, meteorology, oceanography and the geography of environmental issues. My research work in my PhD program is abrupt climate system change in the past and present, to determine what will happen in the near future. I am very active on educating the public about the grave dangers that we face from abrupt climate change, using primarily videos and blogs and public talks.

Paul is a father, a long time husband, an avid cottager and boater and an ambitious chess player.

He is proclaiming a climate emergency and calls for immediate action to prevent us from total overheating of our planet. He is often-cited by Guy McPherson, who has a different opinion in this context. For Guy we are far beyond lots of tipping points, to have any chance to influence the climate change sustainable and prevent us from short term human extinction. His work with lots of information, videos, presentations can be found at his website Paul Beckwith, Client System Scientist.





Wavy and split jetstreams on 07/June/2016 while there are thunderstorms and floods in Western Europe. Source:


gulf stream

Golfstream. CC-BY-SA by RedAndr on, used map from


thermohaline circulation

Thermohaline Circulation, source: Robert Simmon, NASA. Minor modifications by Robert A. Rohde also released to the public domain


Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Sea surface temperature anomalies on 07/June/2016, source:


Kohlendioxid und Methan

A jump of the methane level, source: Atmospheric_CO2_CH4.. by Reg Morrison - CC BY 2.5 AU


warm and cold

Warm and cold weathersystems, source: Sam Carana on, created with




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