Arctic Sea Ice and the Precious Life

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During the coming weeks I want to focus my attention on the Arctic. During the summer 2017 there has not been a blue ocean event, what had meant that the Arctic Ocean is nearly ice-free. This would have an enormous influence on the world‘s climate, because the Arctic is one of the global climate motors.

Finland‘s president Niinistö has put it in a nutshell during a meeting in North Russia:

If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the World

In late summer 2016 I have already discussed a blue ocean event in the 8th episode of the FasterThanExpected podcast. There you will find short introductions and explanations of the most important terms: blue ocean, albedo, latent heat effect, jet streams, methane burp.

On 23-Nov-2017 I‘ll start with a podcast episode about the Arctic sea ice extent and more important the volume, observed by Torstein Viddal. In this episode we will hear a short but comprehensive introduction to the importance of Arctic Sea ice from leading expert for Arctic ice: Prof. Peter Wadhams.

In further episodes I wish to discuss the Sibirian Shelf, methane monster, influence on global temperatures and the global climate disruption.

I know these bad news will discourage many people, but the Arctic shows how precious and vulnerable our planet is. Even if live on earth is shorter than expected, it is not less precious.



Hi Wolfgang,

I like to think the Finnish president meant it the other way around: "If We Lose the Arctic, The World Loses Us"

Thanks for your blog!

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