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The Wisdom Of The Dark Emotions, By Miriam Greenspan

Sun, 08/10/2017 - 14:24
Emotion-phobia is endemic to our culture and perhaps to patriarchal culture in general. Grief, perhaps the most inevitable of all human emotions, given the unalterable fact of mortality, is seen as an illness if it goes on too long. But how much is too long? My mother, a Holocaust survivor, grieved actively for the first decade of my life. Was this too long a grief for genocide? Time frames for our emotions are nothing if not arbitrary, but appearing in a diagnostic and statistical manual, they attain the ring of truth. The two month limit is one of many examples of institutional psychiatry’s emotion-phobia.

Betrayal: The Pervasive And Defining Crime Of Our Age, By Chris Martenson

Sat, 07/10/2017 - 14:30
Let me apologize in advance for what may be an upsetting piece of writing for some of you. If you're in a state of shock or exhaustion from recent events, perhaps you should skip this one. I don't offer this analysis in order to further distress anyone -- but until you understand what is happening and how that influences your psychological state, you'll remain the emotional equivalent of a rag doll shaken to-and-fro by events. Such understanding may not bring you to a place of calm acceptance. But it will set you free.

Is Climate Change Driving You To Despair? By Sara Moore

Sat, 07/10/2017 - 14:18
To maintain our capacity to address climate change, we need to recognize and address the trauma it creates.

We Are Not Alone: Listening To The Other 8.7 Million Animals Who Live On Earth, By J.P. Sottile

Sun, 01/10/2017 - 20:50
That's right, folks. While the Search For Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) spent the last three decades fruitlessly scanning the heavens in search of alien signals ... we've actually been surrounded by a miraculous variety of intelligence on the only planet we know for a fact sustains life.

A Guide To Gracefully Losing Faith In A Collapsing, Dominant Culture, By Jim Tull

Fri, 29/09/2017 - 17:34
I have to honestly think of myself as deeply cynical and hopeless in relation to what I believe our cultural systems and institutions can ultimately provide us. A new deal with the old dealers won’t save us. New dealers in the same game won’t either. A new game, or an assortment of new games, might. The needed change is fundamentally a cultural change, not a piece of legislation or a piece of technology, and it is a change that is struggling from many directions to break through. The mainstream culture is focused on news-making individuals, institutions and events – not systems – so this cultural shifting is relatively invisible and under-reported. Have faith in it, be on the look out and maybe even jump in somewhere

What Really Matters, By Adam Taggart

Thu, 28/09/2017 - 15:05
Those familiar with The Three E's understand what I mean when I say there are some very sizable disasters headed our way. They are mathematically unavoidable at this point. But while we can't control *what* will happen, we each can control *how* we will meet and react to it. Advance preparation is essential. But no plan is foolproof. Having the ability to deal with unexpected setbacks is also key -- which a tribe helps immensely with.

How To Be In The Time Of Kali: Craig Comstock Reviews “Savage Grace” On Huffington Post

Thu, 21/09/2017 - 19:44
But action doesn’t depend on what might happen. The authors of Savage Grace want us to do the right thing, regardless of what occurs. In their previous book, Return to Joy, the authors advise seeking not “happiness,” a Jeffersonian goal, but a state closer to such virtues as equanimity and compassion, plus resistance to evil and devotion to service.

The Axis And The Sycamore, By Paul Kingsnorth

Wed, 20/09/2017 - 16:27
“Only a god,” Heidegger famously said, “can still save us.” An atheist would disagree, but I think that on this one, the atheist would be wrong. While we might not need a new religion, we do need a new sense of the sacred or an awakening of the most ancient one: a sense of awe, wonder, and respect for something greater than us. What could that something greater be? There is no need to theorize about it. What is greater than us is the earth itself—life—and we are folded into it, a small part of it, and we have work to do. We need a new animism, a new pantheism, a new way of telling the oldest of stories. We could do worse than to return to the notion of the planet as the mother that birthed us. Those old stories have plenty to say about the fate of people who don’t respect their mothers.

How Climate Change Hurricanes Are Rapidly Accelerating The Militarization Of America, By Michael Klare

Mon, 18/09/2017 - 15:08
Reposted from AlterNet Even if no one else in Donald Trump’s Washington is ready or willing to deal with climate change, the U.S. military will be. It’s already long been preparing in its own fashion to take a pivotal role in responding to a world of recurring natural disasters. This, in turn, will mean that […]

Introduction To Savage Grace: Living Resiliently In The Dark Night Of The Globe, By Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

Thu, 07/09/2017 - 21:15
Let’s get real and face together the likelihood that the human race now has two possibilities before it: An extreme crisis that leads to the survival of a bedraggled and traumatized remnant in a vastly degraded world, or the total annihilation of that world. We can never rule out, of course, the possibility of a sudden evolutionary leap in humanity or even miraculous divine intervention, but we would be narcissistic fools to count on them. We have come to the current situation because we have drunk a deadly cocktail of illusion. Our only hope now, rugged though it is, is in daring to live beyond the need for any kind of magical thinking—beyond, in fact certainty of any kind. We must take complete responsibility for the horror we have engendered and for the response we are now called to make to that horror, whatever happens. Such a response demands of us something far deeper than what conventional religions and visions of activism call for--nothing less than living and acting from the Self, both without illusion and totally committed to compassion and justice even, if necessary, in hopeless situations.

The Infinite Spiral Of Evolution, By Deb Ozarko

Thu, 07/09/2017 - 00:43
In my quest to master impermanence, all that I continue to let go of, liberates me further from the illusion that I no longer subscribe to. I confess that I’ve yet to discover a means of removing myself completely, and from bearing witness to the nightmare the illusion is. I remain open to the possibility however; a possibility free from denial, despair, mood altering substances, altered states, pharmaceuticals, anti-depressants, or other dramatic measures that only serve to hinder the evolution of the Soul. As much as I want “out”, if I am here at this time to be fully present, holding space and bearing witness to the end, so be it. Mastering impermanence—as a middle aged nomad in a 30 foot RV—may just be my ticket to sanity (and enlightenment?!) in these increasingly insane times.

How To Face The Ecocide, By Brian Calvert

Fri, 01/09/2017 - 15:14
“Something inside me broke somehow,” he said. “I thought, ‘This isn’t working. We’re totally fucked. The machine will go on until it’s killed everything or collapses or both. But the wild world, justice — I still believe in that. What can I do with that?’ ”

Harvey Didn’t Come Out Of The Blue: Now Is The Time To Talk About Climate Change, By Naomi Klein

Tue, 29/08/2017 - 14:42
Talking honestly about what is fueling this era of serial disasters — even while they’re playing out in real time — isn’t disrespectful to the people on the front lines. In fact, it is the only way to truly honor their losses, and our last hope for preventing a future littered with countless more victims

Wetiko Inside And Outside: A Remarkable Teaching Moment, By Carolyn Baker

Sat, 26/08/2017 - 22:58
As we awaken to the horrors of industrial civilization, we must carefully examine the ways in which we have been colonized by it in a manner similar to the ways in which native peoples have been colonized by it. Derrick Jensen has written extensively about de-colonizing ourselves, and I have written a great deal about it as well because I have experienced that it is foolish to rail against industrial civilization if we are not committed to healing within ourselves the traumatic marks that it has left in the personal shadow of our psyches.

New Study Finds Chronic Loneliness Poses Big Health Risk To Millions

Thu, 10/08/2017 - 15:09
Loneliness and social isolation may represent a greater public health hazard than obesity, and their impact has been growing and will continue to grow, according to research presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

Carry The Fire,

Thu, 27/07/2017 - 15:56
Reposted from The Art of Manliness We’re going to be okay, arent we Papa?   Yes. We are. And nothing bad is going to happen to us. That’s right. Because we’re carrying the fire. Yes. Because we’re carrying the fire.  Once a year I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The yearly reading has become […]

Accepting Your Darkest Emotions Is The Key To Psychological Health, By Lila MacLellan

Wed, 26/07/2017 - 23:24
In a cultural age that’s decidedly pro-positivity, the pressure to suppress or camouflage negative feelings is real. However, psychological studies have shown that acceptance of those negative emotions is the more reliable route to regaining and maintaining peace of mind.

Trump’s Russian Laundromat, By Craig Unger

Wed, 26/07/2017 - 23:10
Editor's Note: So-called Russian interference in the 2016 elections is a fly speck on the wall compared with the decades-old money laundering and corruption racket of the Trump crime family.

Yale Professor Timothy Snyder On The Deeper Significance Of Collusion With Russia

Tue, 04/07/2017 - 18:11
Overall, Snyder's message is that the United States is not unique—neither in the world today nor against the backdrop of history—in being pushed in more authoritarian directions. If anything, Trump is exploiting the same tactics Putin and state-run media in Russia use, but with the American addiction to 24/7 media and smartphones and other devices, we’re making it easier for an emerging authoritarian like Trump to consolidate his power.