FTE 015 ~ worldwide connected: Water ~ 13-July-2017

This is the first worldwide podcast episode, co-hosted by Kevin Hester, New Zealand, and Wolfgang Werminghausen, Germany. We are talking about the role of water in abrupt climate change, the lack of water, floods, risk for nuclear power plants and the inner connection with the whole nature, that can be experienced with water.

FTE 012 ~ Listening in the Rain Forest ~ 01-June-2017

My guest, Catherine Thompson is leading an extraordinary life. Born in Canada, she is living a somewhat nomadic existence mostly in the west of Canada. In the years of  2011-13 she traveled, on horseback, more than 2500 km through the southern plains of Saskatchewan  and Alberta. She is presently based in a small mountain village in the north of Thailand where she has set up a musical instrument making and composing studio.


SAG 011 ~ Trauer Ritual mit Sobonfu Somé ~ 30.03.17


Da bin ich wieder! Mitte November 2016 war ich in einem afrikanischen Dorf, um an einem Trauer-und-Kraft Seminar mit Sobonfu Somé teilzunehmen. Nun können Sie in englischer Übersetzung etwas über meine Erfahrungen dort hören.

Sobonfu ist wenige Wochen nach diesem Workshop gestorben. Dies möchte ich ihr widmen.

 (in englischer Sprache)