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Why are the North and South Poles, Heating Up Twice as Fast as the Hemispheres.

Causing the Arctic and Antarctica to be 20C. an Higher, Temps Way Warmer than Normal !

The Jet Stream of Old is Gone !
Once a Hexagonal Formation of Winter White Freezing Electrons, Atoms, and Molecules, Emanating from the Waxing and Waning Arctic,

No Longer Keep the Northern Hemisphere in Ice and Snow,

Greenland Does, All Because of Burning Fossil Fuels !

What we have now, is a Broken Up Jet Stream,

That has been Pierced, and Lobed,

Because of Mantle Methane, Methane Hydrates, and Emitting over 40 Billion Toxic Tons of Carbon each year Globally.

All this Hot Gas has Pierced the Jet Stream in to Lobes,

The Hot Gas Fueled with the Insane Arctic, Greenland, and Antarctic Ice Melts.

Has Roared its Global Warming Frontal Lobes with Record Setting Temperatures and Record Setting Snow, and Record Setting Rain.

These Methane, and Carbon Molecules Have Roared Their Increased Water Vapor and Global Warming Gases, That will Set Record Heat, Record Snow, Until Greenland is 1/2 melted.

Then Just Record Rain and Record Heat, Year After Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Radiated Year. (Fukushima) ( 450 Nuclear Reactors at Sea Level )

Isostatic Rebounding of Greenlands Tectonic Plate, affecting (Gakkels Rift), causing Earthquakes in the Arctic, as well as Venting Mantle Methane.

Arctic News Sept. 15 2013
“ As more ice melts away on Greenland and more water runs off in the Ocean and Sea, There is less weight on Greenlands Crust, the Crust Bouncing back from the lighter weight.

The Crust bouncing back during Large Melts an effect called Isostatic Rebounding.

This Rebounding can not Only Trigger Earthquakes and Landslides, it can also Suck Up the Magma from the Mantle.

It Also Sucks Up Magma From The Mantle.

It also Sucks Up Mantle Methane !

Triggering Volcanic Eruptions and Venting Mantle Methane".

Methane Hydrates in Siberia, Studied by Natalia Shakhov, Have Revealed a Steady and Alarming Readings in Methane Hydrate Emissions
In 2006 3.8 Million Tons

In 2013 17 Million Tons

In 2015 New 200 Foot
Wide Methane Blow Holes, called PINGOES, Over 20 and Increasing in Number ! and more found on the Canadian side of the Arctic !

In 2017 Robert Schribbler reported a Spike on Feb. 20 Methane Readings At 3,000ppb.

Methane 1870 722ppb

2011 1800ppb

2014 1850ppb

Natalia Shakhov, estimated over 1,400 Billion Tons of Methane Hydrates in Siberian Permafrost and Arctic Sea Floor,

She is Expecting a Geological Burp to Emit Over 50 Billon Tons of Methane Hydrate Some Time, That Will Increase Methane in Our Atmosphere and Stratosphere by a Factor of 12 Times !

US Federal Reserve Fossil Fuel Extracting, and Fracking, Rolling Over life Saving Federal Regulation That Said We Our Suppose To Have Clean Air, Clean Water, And Clean Sustainable Eco-Systems.

Fracking a Process of Extracting Oil and Methane ( Dirty Natural Gas),

Injecting Cancer Causing Chemicals, Sand, and 3 – 6 Million Gallons of Drinkable Water per Well,

At High Pressure, a Mile, to Two Miles Underground, contaminating all Soil and Water,

That those Cancer Causing Chemicals Come in to Contact With.

Over 10% of the United States Has Been Fracked !

From the Coast of California, where Gov. Brown Continues to Turn, Ignoring and Allowing Fracked Water to be disposed in to Our Drinkable Water Tables.

The Koch bros and their Paid For Legislative Policies continue To Poison Our Water, Poison Our Air, Poison Our Soil, And Poisoning All Of US.

There Is No Atmospheric Budget For More Methane, Carbon, and Nuclear Radiation!

Greenland has 20 feet of Sea Level Rise

Antarctica has 200 feet of Sea Level Rise

They are both Melting and Calving at 600 times Faster than Previously Thought, increasing expotentially.

Question is,

Which One Will Melt First ?

And When ?

When should you Move to above 3,000 feet, and Start Growing Your Own Food ?

Maybe Never ?

Maybe Tomorrow ?

With 350 Nuclear Reactors at Sea Level, We have to have a Discussion and Plan to Decommission and Relocate to Above 3,000 Feet All Nuclear Elements.

Who Pays ?

The Richest in Land

And The Richest in Money.

Queen of England,


US Federal Reserve.

We Our Already Baked in to 10C. - ? Tempurature Rise, Even if We Stopped Emitting Carbon and Methane Right Now.

There is a 10 year Lag time with Methane,

And a 30 to 50 year Lag Time with Carbon,

Until we Fill the Full Effects of the Warming (Heating) and Holding More Water Vapor in Their Molecules.

Methane is 72 – 86 Times more Potent Than Carbon in Its First 10 years.

Then Reduces Down to and Stays at Around 34 Times More Potent Than Carbon !

For every 72 pounds of Carbon Being Emitted, Equals One Pound Of Methane.

Methane + Carbon + Water Vapor is Abrupt Hot and Cold, Rain and Snow ( Until Greenland is Half Melted Away), Sea Level Rising way Faster Than they are Telling US

We are Filling the Full Potency of Methane From 2007 Fracking Emissions, Methane Hydrates Emissions, and Mantle Methane Emissions Today.

We are Filling The Full Potency of Carbon emitted From 1967 to 1987 ! Right Now.

We Our Baked in To 10C. to ? Temp Rise Right Now ! Even if We Stopped emitting Today.

Methane is the Not Clean Natural Gas, it is a Abrupt Global Warming Molecule That Holds Lots Of Water Vapor and Heat.

Methane Holds Huge Amounts of Water Vapor and Heat, much more Than Carbon !

The Fossil Fuel Co. Have Lied, Denied, and Purposely Distorted, to Bridge Their Continued Extracting of these Fossil Fuels, Destroying our Fragile Life Sustaining Eco-Systems and Animals (us) .

Now is The time to change Federal and State energy and Water Policies !

Published on Oct 11, 2014
Campaign to allow Californian residents to sell electricity obtained by renewable energy for a fair pro-business market price. Will you read, sign, and share this petition?

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