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FTE17 ~ Holiday from Doom

In this seventeenth episode of Faster Than Expected I ask myself the question, if there can be holidays of doom, of climate disruption and the dire consequences. At the end I will guide a short meditation to find an inner room of silence and peace.


I have pushed along writing and recording of this episode since some weeks. Maybe a reason is, that I don’t feel very strong these days and I don’t want to show it here in public. What helps has been an exercise to overcome a writer’s block. Every day the first I am doing is to write for 15 minutes anything what crosses my mind. Many thanks to Walter Epp. Anyway, you, my listeners, will know these times of weakness, vulnerability and grief stages. And that’s the purpose of this podcast: not to feel alone and isolated with these emotions.

Holidays at the Loire

In my Buddhist study and meditation group we are reading a book from a German gynecologist (Wilfried Reuter, Der Tod ist ganz ungefährlich, Death is totally nonhazardous). He is writing about age, illness and death from the point of view of a Buddhist and a doctor. In the chapter about aging he is underlining the opportunity to loosen the bonds to our body by perceiving and accepting, that our body isn‘t working very good any more. Maybe we move to a smaller flat or an old people‘s home or in hospice. We loose our surrounding we are used to since many years. In this situation we can be happy if we have trained to be in our inner world. There is an inner room, that is still save, silent, familiar and without all the suffering and the fast changes of the outer world.

It is quite easier to find this inner room than you think.

At the end of this episode I guide a little meditation, where you can stay for a short time in this inner room.


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